2 holidays cottages for rental in Trégunc, Finistère Sud

Sun 2019 17, We wish you to enjoy this Website, dedicated to Ker Emma in Trégunc. Please try to book in advance by telephone – or by email

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Gite en location en Bretagne pres de la plage
Gite en location en Bretagne pres de la plage
Itinerary to go to Kerouini

- From Rennes, you need to take the expressway, in the direction of " Lorient - Quimper "
- Once you have passed by Lorient, you need to take the exit " Kerampaou ":Melgven / Rosporden
- Then, you need to follow the boards indicating " Tregunc "
- Once you are in Tregunc, you need to follow the boards indicating Concarneau
- At the roundabout of Minaoued (where you should see a yellow marker and the Guy Cotten shop), you need to follow the direction Lambell (on the left), then go straight on approximatively 6 km.
- Then, follow the direction: " Gîtes de France, Kerouini, Plages", on the right
- Continue on this road for 1.5 km and then there is an old stone well on the left.
- After a few metres, you need to take the road on the left which leads to the beach

Kerouini I (8 people)

- The cottage is at the corner a few metres after the well and the embankment is covered with bamboos.
- You can park your car on the parking with loose gravel.

From there, you should see the garden and lawn as well as a caban in black wood.
The house is made of stone and wood.

That's here !! Welcome!
Kerouini II (2 people)

- After 50 meters, you need to take the first alley on the left where you can park your car.

You are here at home.

- At the end of the alley, there is a wooden fence whose bottom is painted in pink.
- The cottage is in the back of the little garden


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Réal : Le Comptoir-Breton - 112 rue de Trégunc - 29900 Concarneau - tél : 07 61 46 31 15